Pros and Cons of a Keyless Entry System

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Everyone wants their home, family and business be safe and can do everything possible to keep them safe and protected. In recent years due to rise of the smart home and automated security system the homes safety become much less effortless. Keyless entry system become popular among the home as well as business owners. Keyless door system become fast popular as it’s one of the priority lines of defense for savvy homeowners.

Pros and Cons of a Keyless Entry System

History of keyless door was interesting as keyless door were originally developed for cars door which access remotely but later modified successfully for Home door as well. By installing keyless door system can make your life easier in different ways as no need to carry out keys (eliminate key loss wry), Easy installation process i.e. you can install yourself. Digital, Keyless locks are more efficient way to secure your properties. If your still using traditional door lock system and wanted to switch to a keyless system, then you should note down the key advantages and disadvantages of a Keyless door system.

Pros of a Keyless Entry System:

  • No more keys under mat

  • No risk of Being Locked out

  • It’s Harder to break a digital lock

  • Provide home access to others at your discretion

  • Control Door access through Remote

  • One of the main advantages of digital lock is no needing to carry a key

  • Received alerts on your smartphone whenever door is open and closed

  • If incorrect code enters too many time system alert concern authorities

  • Assign different code to different family members according their access

  • No need to make copies of keys for dog walkers, housekeepers, house guest in your absence

  • Advanced keyless system allows to get in home securely even when battery dies or power off with other backup setup

  • Advanced Keyless entry system allow fingerprint recognition you don’t need to enter code every time

  • You can track your home activity as who is coming and going in your home with advanced home security system

  • Deactivated the code anytime e.g. you can deactivate the code given to the house painter after it’s work over

Cons of a Keyless Entry System:

As there are plenty of advantages of installing a keyless door system there are some disadvantage’s too. Below are the cons of installing keyless door system.

      • Pay extra dollars for a Keyless entry system

      • By hacking code intruder my gain access to your home

      • You may get locked out if forget the passcode to access your system

      • In case of power failure fully electric powered system may not function properly may got resulting not proper access to door

Install a Keyless Door System:

So, You have learned about the advantages and disadvantages of Installing a keyless Entry System. Install a Keyless Door System to Safe your home in technical way. In our previous discussion we have discuss about the Electric Home Safety tips to Know.

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Pros and Cons of a Keyless Entry System

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