Home Security tips for New Homeowners

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Have you booked your new home? Or Planning to get moved in your new dream home? Everyone having a dream of buying their own home. Is your home being under construction? Is your home secured? Is your home architecture follow home security checklist during construction? Have you modified your home according to home safety and security?

Home Security tips for New Homeowners

There are certain home safety measures everyone should adopt before shifting into a new home. Home security should be every homeowner topmost priority. Everyone wants their home should safe and secured. According to report New homes are burglars are top target for their crime you should insure that all belongings are protected. Below we are trying to list the Home Security tips for New homeowners or planning to relocate in their dream home.

    • Inspect Lock:

The topic in home security checklist we are going to discuss about the locks. In most of the cases homeowner when moving into new home do not much focused on changing lock it may seen simple but may cause serous security thread to your home and family. Common question arises in readers mind why we should change the locks? Because before your move to your new home there is possibility that your home key having duplicates from house cleaners, friends, builder or neighbors. You don’t have idea who was given the duplicate key from previous owner (in case you own resale house). So, don’t take chance replace lock with advanced lock system. Is your house having many keys and worried about to lose them then go for Keyless door system.

  • Install Home Security System:

As technology getting advanced home security too. There are uncountable advantages of installing a professional Home Security System. Investing in Home Security System may be costly but extra security efforts for your home and family. According to criminal statics there are less chances of home burglaries having home security install. The key advantages of modern home security system include fire protection, protects valuables, family from burglary, Notify for fire or gas etc. So, installed advanced home security system to enhanced modern safety to your family and home.

  • Electric Security:

Before moving into your new home, you should assure your home electric proof. In case of new home there may be possibility of electric short circuit due to improper electric work. Inspect your all home through authorized electrician for electric fault, circuit, electric supply etc. You should follow all electric safety checklist which includes checking cords regularly, checking cords, outlets, try to cover outlets tamper-resistant caps if there are toddlers in house.

  • Pay attention to neighborhood:

One of the best ways to keep you home safe is by knowing your neighbors. Watch out for your neighbors, give time to know each other. Look for is there is any neighborhood community which looks for each other then join them immediately. If your new in area then take a short drive to know your surroundings, neighbors, for danger areas and roads. If your planning for family trip, then let your trusted neighbor to look for your home for any danger sign of home theft or any.

  • Conduct a Home Safety Audit:

It’s mandatory to conduct a home security audit on priority basis for every homeowner to ensure all the security situation in your home are working well. Try to audit all the entry points i.e. doors, windows, garden area etc. make sure they are safe or try to make them more safer. Inspect your home alarm system, check for keyless doors ensure all working are fine otherwise call your home security company.

  • In Home Security:

Even a small leak in home security may leads to serous cause. Try to install blinds or curtains to block the view in your home. Try to install an advanced light system in your home just set a timer to blow a light when your out of home which looks your home is occupied to burglars at bay. We already discuss about the tips to prevent home burglaries.

  • Install Cameras:

Camera is your third eye on your home in your absence. With the modern wireless camera system, you can keep watch on your home 24/7 helps to capture thieves and vandals. One of the key advantages of installing professional camera system that it has feature to capture videos 24/7 which allows you to review any unwanted event occurred in your home or around you have missed out. So, install advanced cameras in your home.

  • Landscaped Your Yard:

According to report Landscaping your home yard put serious effects on your home security. Report suggest that home surrounded by overgrown shrubs and hedgerow are ideal target for burglars or criminals. To avoid try to trimming or cutting all bushes and hedgerow to shorter increases visibility.

  • Stay Secure Before You Move:

Lastly Congratulation on your new home. Be safe and secured. So, you have learned about the key home security checklist every new Homeowners should follow in order to keep their home and family safe, and secure. For latest updates and tips on Home Security get in touch with Home Security Ideas Newsletter. 

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Home Security tips for New Homeowners


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