Home Safety Checklist to Know

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Are you planning to buy new home or already buy it? Do you have your own home or planning to shift in your dream home? Before shifting into new home there are plenty of thing you should consider which includes your home security, Neighbors, road connectivity, Transportation etc. Home and family safety are everyone priority. To safeguard your home and family you should go to recommended Home Safety Checklist. Home Safety is necessary especially when there are kids in your family. Below we are trying to list to Home Safety Checklist to keep your home Safe.

Home Safety Checklist to Know

Kitchen Safety Checklist:

  • Keep Burning things like Dish towels, Paper, curtains at least 4 feet away from the stove

  • Keep stove top clean (No Spilled foods, paper, bags, grease)

  • Keep Cleaners in locked

  • Stored sharp appliances like food processor, blenders away from rich

  • Keep Kids and Pets away from Kitchen (Specially form Stove)

  • Write down fire emergency department no in the kitchen

  • Install Home Alarm System


Bathroom Safety Checklist:

  • Equipped Bathroom with no slip materials

  • Install grab bars and handrails in the important areas

  • Install a toilet seat extender

  • Install bath seat in the tub

  • Have good Lighting

  • Keep cleaners, chemicals, Detergents in a locked cabinet

Living Areas:

  • Cover outlets

  • Use a wire hider system

  • Install a Door Safety System

  • Take care of Heavy Furniture and television

  • Take care of Sharp edges and corners

  • Try to install Wireless Camera System to watch your home in your absence


  • Keep Medicine bottles, coins, Loose pills, coins, and sharp objects out of reach

  • Try to put a Flashlight Near a Bed

  • Install Bed Rails

  • Secure Furniture to Wall

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Home Safety Checklist to Know


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