Electrical Home Safety Tips Every Homeowners Should Know

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Everyone loves electricity. Electricity make our life enjoyable and entertaining as it keeps our home bright, helps us to eat warm meal, keep us warm, quick access to entertainment etc. As we discus plenty of benefits of electricity but it doesn’t mean it comes without any risk. So, there is need of electrical home safety.

Electrical Home Safety Tips Every Homeowners Should Know

According to National Fire Protection Association in U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated 46,500 house fires that were caused by electrical malfunction of failure. In most of cases resulting 420 deaths, 1,520 injuries in 2010. If there are small children in your home, then your priority should make your home baby proof. Every homeowner should ask himself a question’s, Is my home electrical proof? What are the electric safety tips for kids? What are the electric safety appliances? Below we are trying to list the Electrical Home Safety tips every Homeowner should follow.

  • Inspect your House:

The first point in electric home safety is you should regularly inspect your house regularly and watch out for all the power outlets. If you found any of the power outlet is missing, broken cover plate then replaces it immediately its especially important if there are kids in house because cover plate work as a barrier between kids and wires. You may also like to read our post regarding Kids Safety at Home.

  • Install Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters:

Your Laundry rooms, Kitchen, Bathrooms must be protecting with ground fault circuit interrupters as we know water and electricity a deadly mix. Don’t touch a plug with a wet hand.

  • Check Cords Regularly:

You should make habit of cords and wire for cuts or any damage. If you found any damage, then stop using the electrical appliances until your repair or fixed it. Always keep eye on short circuiting, overheating, smoke etc. because all these dangerous signs.

  • Don’t Overload Outlets:

Outlet is designed to supply a certain amount electricity. If you are trying to be plugging too many devices to outlets it may leads to cause a fire or an explosion. Instead of it you can try a power strips which helps to maintain your electric needs.

  • Don’t Overload Extensions:

Extensions cords which are often needs never try to overload them with too many plugs because it may lead to short circuit or a small explosion. Instead of it try to install new outlets with certified electrician according to your needs.

  • Protect Outlets and Equipment from Water:

As we discuss above water is a good conductor of electricity which can lead to injury. Ensure that outlets and equipment are away from Water.

  • Protects Kids from Hazards:

Small kid love to explore new things as they are very curious about it. Every parent should put tamper-resistant safety caps on all outlets which are accessible to toddler. You can also use a wire hider system.

  • Warning Sign:

If you experience below warning signs, then immediately call a licensed contractor.

1) If you feel electric sensation when you touch a plug or light switch
2) Fuses blow regularly
3) If appliance give a burning smell
4) Outlet plates are heating up
5) If any spark
6) If any of electric appliances are waterlogged throw them immediate because it may lead to serious injury.

  • Keep Your Home Electric Safe:

In above post you have learned about the various ways to keep your home safe from any electric damages. For latest updates and tips Home security stay in touch with Home Security Ideas Newsletter

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