Advantages of Smart Video Doorbell

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Do you have a Home? Are you looking to buy your dream home? Or Living in rented apartment or flat. Are you completed the safety measures of your home? Is your home safe? Above home safety and security questions every homeowner should ask itself before buying or moving into a new home. Do you hear about the smart doorbell? What is smart Video Doorbell? What are the advantages of Smart Video Doorbell over traditional doorbell?

Advantages of Smart Video Doorbell

A Smart Video Doorbell is nothing, but the more advanced version of doorbell connected to internet that notifies the electronics devices (Smartphone) of homeowner when someone arrives at the door. It gets activated when someone press the button, or its Motion sensors senses the visitors. As technology getting advanced it helps homeowners to make their live easier and secure their home smartly. According to report 34% of burglaries happens through main door. A Smart Doorbell add extra security to your home by remote monitoring of your home and live video of your home access Points. Below we are going to discuss the key Advantages of Installing Smart Video Doorbell.

  • Access the Door from Any Place

Those days gone when someone arrives your home in your absence and you didn’t know. Thanks to smart video doorbell. If a visitor rings your doorbell, you get an instant notification on your smartphone app. You will able to see live video streaming of visitor just taping the alert on your Smartphone and you also able to do a conversion through the doorbell’s Microphone. So, answer the door whether you are at home or any place.

  • See Who is at Door

A Smart Video Doorbell added extra security for women especially for Housewives who are lonely at Home. Smart Doorbell supports safe practice to keep safe distance between unknown and you as Video Doorbell let’s you to see who is at the door or approaching gives you the plenty of time to decide whether it’s safe to use door or not

  • Doorbell Controlled Lighting

Integrating your doorbell with lights adds extra security benefits for your home. As we know most of the burglaries had taken in dark areas for stealth. Integrated Smart Doorbell triggers the entryway lighting helps to keep potential intruders away.

  • Reliability

One of the big advantages of Smart Doorbell is its reliability, as you don’t require new wiring for its installation. Smart Video Doorbell adds extra dimension to hour home security as it can be integrated with home automation component, light controlling etc. Which adds extra security and automation to your home. You may also like to read our post regarding advantages of Installing Home Security System

  • Adds Value to Home

According to latest real estate trends most of the home buyers prefer to choose the home having that features various home security system and home automation technologies. So, there is no doubt that by installing a smart doorbell system you are adding value for your home for potential buyers.

  • Lowers the Home Insurance Bill

By Installing Smart Doorbell System, you can lower the price of your home insurance bill as most of home insurance firms offering several discounts for homeowners who have installed the smart home security systems.

  • Receiving Deliveries

Are your worried about your delivery package in your absence? With a smart video doorbell installed you don’t need the worry. When delivery boy rings the door in your absence you can chat with it and allow him to leave delivery package inside. You can lock the door again when delivery boy leaves the delivery package.

  • Stay in touch with Kids

A Smart Doorbell adds extra benefits for Working Couples having kids. Leaving kids alone at home may be stressful situation. Smart Video Doorbell sends a video alerts when your kids arrive at home from school or Coaching classes which makes you sure that your kids are safe. Video doorbell fill the loneliness of kids as kids enjoy video chat with parents by flying kiss when you’re at workplace.

  • Catching Theft

In case some worst happens, and your house get broken. Smart Video Doorbell Provides the valuable footage’s of burglaries which helps police to catch the theft. Having a Video footage of house brake (Home Burglary) helps to settle your insurance claim quickly to get paid. In our earlier blog post we already discuss about the Ways to prevent Home Burglaries

Key Features of Smart Video Doorbell System:

  • HD Video Footage
  • Improves Home Security
  • Wi-fi Connectivity
  • Two-Way Audio Capability
  • Motion Sensor
  • Night Vision Capability
  • Live HD Video Feed
  • Integrated with Home Automation System

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Key Advantages of Installing Smart Video Doorbell

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